A refreshing new brand for a 40-year old startup


It’s understandable that a very busy company full of really smart people would be so laser-focused on their work that they’d just keep going with a brand whose expiration date had come and gone. Then, with a talented new hire at the top of the marketing department, the need for a rebrand becomes urgently clear.

We worked with Cambridge Systematics to research, strategize, plan, develop and launch an entirely new brand that’s a perfect expression of their bright, flexible, whip-smart character.

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New launch! Game-based research study for MIT

You've probably had the 'opportunity' to fill out a million online forms. They're everywhere, and for most people it's not enough anymore to be entered to win a free t-shirt for your efforts. Like all of the other overloaded aspects of online life--junk email, obnoxious popups, pages with more ads than content, forms are crowding in on us.

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Who are we doing this for?

I was speaking to a client recently about our plans to create a new website for his business. I had asked him if I could speak to a salesperson; someone who had lots of experience with the site's target audience. My client said, "Oh, I don't think you need to spend time on that--I'm the target audience." Well... Yes, it's true, he is an educated, affluent professional, skews male, has deep academic and medical credentials, and lots of other similarities to the target audience. But he's not the target audience.

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I've been wanting to do this since I was a kid.

My father owns and runs a car service center and car rental agency in a four-story building in downtown Bloomington, Illinois. When I was nine years old I started working there, pumping gas out front. Several years later I started working in the tire bays on the lower level. I finally reached expert status when I was included in the guild of the "Silent Tire Man". We were stoic, resolute and diligent, even when frozen lug nuts stuck to our fingers, or steamy hot dust clung to our sweaty skin and damp clothes and we were a crusty ash gray by lunchtime.

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